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Navi*'s Story

May 2, 2017


Navi* has given birth to beautiful twin girls. She was in labour for hours but no progress. Finally she and the babies were in destress. She had an emergency C-section. She lost a lot of blood and had to have 2 transfusions.

Her heart started to fail and she was unconscious for two days. She needed an additional 2 transfusions. After regaining consciousness she was exhausted and weak. A few days passed, the exhaustion didn’t go away and she was continually in and out of hospital. 

Doctors did some tests and she was diagnosed with Meadows Syndrome. It is a very rare and very serious heart condition that only becomes diagnosed during pregnancy. After a few days, the exhaustion didn’t go away and the doctors did some tests. Her heart only functions at 20%. The condition is a permanent one. She might never be able to work again, and taking care of her baby girls is going to be a strain on her body. 

As Cambodia has no health care, MH is the only organisation that supports her through this ordeal. Your continuous support towards medical costs is helping women and their babies. Thanks to all of you, we are able to provide a helping hand. And make sure our women and children are well looked after no matter what happens.


*All names have been changed to respect anonymity.

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Navi*'s Story

May 2, 2017

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