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Lara Cooper

" As a Mum to three kids myself, I was deeply moved by the poverty I experienced, along with the hope that blooms into bigger hope when people are given a hand up. It's been encouraging to be a part of something so vital, and I continue to be inspired to read the stories that come from Mother’s Heart."

Coral Fokkens

"I am impressed with the standard of care for mums and babies and love the way you support the mums through pregnancy, through birth, and then through parental counselling. I believe that you use the money wisely and the standard of everything you do is equal to any program run in the West."

Give a life-saving gift of hope 

to vulnerable women across the country.


Healthy Mum, Healthy Baby

Covers one antenatal check up with one ultrasound for one woman. For as little as $12, you are ensuring that the mother is healthy and the baby has a strong start in life. A full antenatal package is $95 which includes four antennal check ups with ultrasound, blood screening, vitamin supplements, and a shot of anti-tetanus vaccine. Give the gift of antenatal care and a mother will be assured of a professional quality care throughout her 9-month pregnancy journey.


young mom and baby on a bicycle.jpg

Ride out of Poverty

Your gift of $40 will buy a bicycle and a helmet for a mum to ride to and from work or training. Bicycles help young moms pursue education and livelihood to help them build a better future with her baby.


supplemental baby milk



When mother is away at work or in a training and could not take nursing breaks to feed her baby, $40 buys milk formula for a carer to feed her baby for one month.  Your gift will ensure her baby is getting fed regularly and receiving adequate nutrition when she is not around.


A girl receiving post-birth care at a he

Normal Delivery

With little to no support from their families and partners, single pregnant women are faced with extra burden of, not only physical and mental but also financial stress that goes with being pregnant. Mother’s Heart provides every woman in our program the best medical care available. Your gift of $50 will ensure that a woman who is planning for a normal delivery will be attended by a qualified professional in a safe and clean environment. The total cost for a normal delivery package for one woman is $290 and covers safe and quality professional service, care and accommodation for both mother and baby.



Postnatal Care

A postnatal check up is essential for the well-being and recovery of the mother. A full postnatal check up costs $55 and includes health checks up to eight weeks after delivery, a tetanus shot, contraception, and supplementary vitamins.


maternal education classes_trainings for mothers.jpg

Preparing for

Most of the women in Mother’s Heart’s care are very young, some with mental delays, and not ready for motherhood. Maternal education classes are essential to prepare them and their carers/guardians for what is to come as they embark on their new role as mothers. For $100, you help empower girls and women with classes that teaches breastfeeding, food and nutrition, parenting and childcare, hygiene and self-care, mindfulness, and many others.


maternal education -mother and baby bond

Food and Housing 

When a vulnerable pregnant woman enters our program, MHO immediately addresses her primary needs right away: food and shelter. $110 provides a one month food and accommodation for her (and her child during her pregnancy leave) in a safe, community-based housing for women that protects them both from hunger, malnutrition, and keeps them off the streets where they are exposed to various health and safety risks.




As a single mother without any family to support her and no community resources, it is important for her child to be able to access quality care by those knowledgeable about child development and education. Your gift of $120 helps Mother’s Heart in providing a day care service for one month that allows children three months to 5 years old to grow in a healthy, stimulating environment while their mothers and kinship care person are at work or in a training.


Mother's Heart Foster Care Image 4.jpg


When the women in our care are unable to parent due to their extremely vulnerable situations, or when women relinquish their babies – whether they are underaged, not ready to parent, are unstable or deemed unfit by local authorities – Mother’s Heart sees to it that the babies are placed in a loving, family environment and cared for in their extended families (kinship care) or in new families (foster care). Your gift of $200 helps support kinship or foster care for a child for one month.


Picture 3 MHBabyBaskets.jpg

Baby Basket

As soon as a pregnant woman enters our program, she receives a baby basket that includes essential delivery and post-birthing items for mothers and newborn supplies help both moms and babies thrive. The basket is lovingly packed and contains infant and adult diapers, maternity and newborn clothes, blankets, bath washes, baby pillows, feeding bottles, and many more. Give a gift of baby basket today.


emergency C-section delivery.png


Childbirths can be very unpredictable. While our Social Workers and Midwives ensure our beneficiaries are prepared and have their birth plans in place, but sometimes, things don't go as expected. Occasionally, during labour, the attending doctor decides to do an emergency C-section delivery because of danger to life. Your gift of $250 will protect the life of both mother and baby.


Young woman graduating from a skills training course.jpg

Job and Business

Most often, the women in our program do not have degrees nor skills to get employed. Mother’s Heart, through our partner organizations, provides access to vocational skills trainings, job placement opportunities, business orientation trainings and start up resources. By providing $500 you will help one woman in need become job-ready, find work, or embark on a business that will make her financially secure. Empowering women to be financially stable means they can support and promote well-being of their babies/children.


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