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 1,842 HAVE BEEN


The Problem


Women are referred to us from a multitude of vulnerable backgrounds such as:

  • sexual exploitation

  • physical and emotional health problems

  • orphaned

  • addictions

  • rape

  • underage

  • HIV positive

  • poverty, etc.


They find themselves with crisis pregnancies and there were no services available in Cambodia for this vulnerable population. 


These women’s vulnerabilities are compounded when they become single and pregnant. 

Without support, their vulnerabilities not only cause crisis in their own lives but also can endanger their babies to trafficking, abuse, neglect, and institutionalisation.


Being a single mother is a quick way to poverty and brings social shame. This financial burden and loss of reputation lead women to crisis, feeling overwhelmed, isolated, like they have no choice but to abort/traffick/abandon their babies and for some, even commit suicide. There were no organisations or social services offering emotional, medical, or social support to these women.


Proposed Solution


MH is the first and currently only crisis pregnancy centre in Cambodia. It was founded in response to research that showed one in five women in Cambodia had unwanted/unplanned pregnancies. 


MH has developed a program that is at the forefront of preventing child family separation and supporting women with unplanned or unwanted pregnancies. 


We proactively support single women and their families through crisis pregnancies. We ensure that every child of a single mother in our pregnancy support program is either raised by his/her mother, extended family or is placed in permanent foster care.


Mother’s Heart has two main programs:

1. Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

2. Pregnancy Support Program.


Through our Crisis Pregnancy Counselling program, every woman is able to make informed decisions on what is best for her and the future of her baby. 


Our Pregnancy Support program offers women access to support if they want to parent their babies, find close relatives who can parent their babies, or place their babies in a new family. 

Children from single parent households have 50% more chances of being trafficked.

3 out of 4 children in orphanages have parents

3 out 4 children in orphanages have parents

1 in 3 children are engaged in child labour

1 in 3 children are engaged in labour

2000 maternal deaths every year


Maternal Death every year

10x higher than Thailand

4x greater than Vietnam


90% of garment workers don't know about reproductive health

Garment factory workers

don't know about reproductive health.

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