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Mother's Heart mother and child

Fundraising for Mother’s Heart is an incredible way for you to share the great need to support pregnant women and their children in Cambodia.

At Mother’s Heart, we need to raise over US$350,000 every year to continue to keep our doors open and serve young mothers, their children and mediate with their families and communities. 

Ready to support us? 

Fundraising tips Mother's Heart
Fundraising resources Mother's Heart
Fundraising kit Mother's Heart


We've put together some fundraising guides so you can be inspired for your future events, choose something that suits you! Get an estimate of how much you might raise, download the guide and get fundraising!

Why not download some of our fundraising material too? Raffle tickets, posters, etc.

If you need any help, email us at

Fundraising tips

If it's your first event, keep in simple and start with what you know. We have some ideas and guides for a few fundraising events. Just download them!

You can start by downloading our Visual Identity to get a feel of who we are!


If you're an old-hand at putting on events, you could try something more adventurous. Contact our Communications and Fundraising Officer for more ideas and support.

If you are in Australia, you can contact our Fundraiser, Katrina Gliddon, who will direct you towards existing events you can support, or help you organize your own unique event:

1. Think about what you want to do 

2. Get into action: plan your event 

  • You can start by downloading our guides and printables (below) which will give you most of the materials you need. If you need anything extra, get in touch with our team

  • Why not organise an event for the Holiday season, International Women's Day or World Breastfeeding Week in keeping with Mother's Heart work?

  • Set up a fundraising page - Online fundraising is a great way to fundraise or supplement offline fundraising. You can create a page here: 

  • Have you got a question? You can email us, we will get back to you asap.

3. Enjoy and have fun 

3. Shout out: promote your event 

Word of mouth 

Don't undervalue how powerful word of mouth is. It will be your ultimate marketing tool. Tell your friends, family, colleagues and your congregation about your fundraising and get them to spread the word about Mother's Heart.


Unleash your inner artist 

You can download some posters to customize hereIf you feel like getting creative, we can  join our design team on Canva. Just send us an email with your name, email address and the type of design you have in mind .

Use your local media 

Read these articles from KnowHowNonProfit, Causevox, BetterFundraisingIdeas and WinspireMe to help you write a great press release. You can contact us for some advice too.

Contact your local paper explaining what you're up to. You can also contact your local radio stations to push for a plug on air. Why not approach your local TV news teams to see if they'll cover your story?

Raise awareness about our cause and enjoy your moment of fame!

Use social media 

Social networking sites such as Facebook are great tools when it comes to promoting a fundraising event - check out our social media guide for some helpful tips. Use all the contacts in your email address book and encourage online friends to share your event with others. Some great advice from JustGiving.

Get support from a local business 

You can start by asking permission to advertise your event there (with one of your amazing posters).

Ask if their business to sponsor you is a great way to advertise your event and keep your costs down. Try and talk to the manager in person or over the phone as opposed to in an email or letter.

Raise awareness 

This is paramount. If people know the vision behind your fundraising and the difference their donation makes in women's lives, they'll be much more likely to support you. Show them our shopping list in US$ and AU$ (below), and tell them one of our stories!

A picture says a thousand words 

Use photos throughout your publicity to personalise your event and attract more attention. You can download some of our pictures below!

Make sure someone is lined up to take snaps on the day of your fundraiser too - this will be a big help when it comes to collecting donations. Read tips for taking a great photo at your event.

Do things by the book 

Please include the following statements across all publicity materials:
All proceeds/profits will be donated to Mother's Heart. 
Mother's Heart is a Cambodian Non-Governmental Organization registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Mother's Heart is part of the Child-Safe Alliance


It's important you make it clear you are raising money for Mother's Heart. If you're not an employee, please note somewhere that you don't represent the organisation in a work capacity.

Wow, all that hard work paid off!​ You made it to the big day. Now it's time to enjoy your event. 

Remember, you are making a difference. Thanks to you, single mothers in Cambodia will be able to parent their child. They will be empowered.

See the impact you make with our blog and our impact page.

Wow, all that hard work paid off!​ You made it to the big day. Now it's time to enjoy your event. 

Remember, you are making a difference. Thanks to you, single mothers in Cambodia will be able to parent their child. They will be empowered.

See the impact you make with our blog and our impact page.

4. Enjoy and have fun 

We have different ways for you to pay in what you fundraised, choose the one that suits you best.

Visit our donation page to have access to our bank details and online fundraising options.

5. Send the amount your raised  

Fundraising resources



Fun ideas to raise money for Mother's Herat
Visual Identity Style Guide Mother's Heart
Trivia Night Mother's Heart
Social Media Guide Mother's Heart
Clothes Swap Mother's Heart
Quick fundraising ideas Mother's Heart
Coffee Morning Mother's Heart
Board game Mother's Heart
Bake Sale Mother's Heart
Summer Fundraisers Mother's Heart



Fundraising kit
Fundraising Email template Mother's Heart
Bucket wrap Mother's Heart
Party Banner Mother's Heart
Cupcake toppers Mother's Heart
Raffles tickets Mother's Heart
Blank tickets Mother's Heart



"You are not making a donation. You are making a difference" And that is priceless. Thank you. 

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