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Merry Christmas

Mother's Heart has been looking after the emotional and physical needs of young single mothers since 2010.

We have been instrumental in providing opportunities for women to thrive and the success that we have achieved can be judged from every smile that we are greeted with from these women and their babies each day.

As we all celebrate Christmas today, expectations in these young hearts are rising. For most of the women and children under our care, Christmas has never meant much, since they have not had a family to celebrate with or a toy to look forward to.

Last week, we held our annual Christmas party with all of our women and their babies. It's 35 women and 20 children that came to our office. We celebrated their courage and tenacity. Everyday, we are impressed with their strength.

We were be able to see Botum* again. She lives with her mother and grandmother, and is the proud mother of a baby girl. Botum is very gentle and kind, and suffers from mental delays. The three women have not had any education, and they survive by doing simple jobs, like washing dishes or coining. When Botum* was raped, she was very distraught, and a partner organization refered her to us. With our support, she decided to parent her child. She comes in regularly for parenting classes, and last month, we told her about our Christmas party. Her eyes lit up, and a large grin appeared on her face. She could not be more excited. "Will there be cake? Please, don't forget to invite me! Are you sure you have my number?".

Our staff strives all year to provide our women and children with support in terms of entertainment in order to boost their morale and develop them mentally. However, this year, we have been gifted with amazing sponsors and donations from you, and many other supporters.

We are thankful for all the help you have provided and we want you to know that your support matters. It helps make the lives of young women better, giving them the emotional support they lack. They can rely on our team of dedicated social workers, our midwife and everyone within our organisation, as we all aim towards making our Vision a reality: "No woman faces a Crisis Pregnancy alone". Again, thank you for making our vision come true.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones.

With gratitude,

Mother's Heart Team

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