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Providing the best start to a new family

Donating to Mother's Heart will make a significant difference to the life a single mother, by ensuring her health, and provided the best start in life to a child, who would have been born in extreme poverty, and possibly been taken away from a loving mother. You can gift them with the chance to bond, create a nest of tenderness, and keep them healthy and strong.

Our baby baskets contain all necessary items to keep mother and child healthy, and we also provide regular visits from our midwife to ensure their health.

Sophy* and her child Neary* are benefitting from our Pregnancy Support Program.

Sophy arrived in our offices one morning. Her eyes were sad and her chin lowered to her chest. She wouldn't look any of us in the eyes.

She realised she was pregnant a month before our meeting. In Cambodia, reproduction is a great taboo. And she always thought that she would only get pregnant when married. No one had ever told her, and the shock of her pregnancy left her depressed, full of shame, and deeply isolated.

She told one of her friend, who saw how withdrawn she was, and they both reached to us.

Sophy's pregnancy went well, but when her family found out, they cut all ties with her. We started family mediation, but it takes time, and we needed to find a safe place for Sophy.

We took her in our Mothers' Home where she met other moms, some pregnant, some with children. They helped each other, and watching her housemates interact with children, took her fear of motherhood away. Our midwife made regular visits making sure the pregnancy was going well, and getting Sophy prepared for delivery. Neary was born two months ago. She is lovely baby girl, with beautiful dark eyes and a lovely smile. Her skin is fair, which makes her mother very proud!