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Self-calming and self-soothing techniques you can do at home

As part of the healing and recovery of the women in our care, Mother's Heart teaches our clients how to handle stress, tolerate distress, manage negative emotions.

There are times in our life when anxiety, fear, or anger takes over us. It is normal. But what do you do when this happens? Here are simple self-calming and self-soothing techniques you can do at home: 1. Breathe. Mindful breathing should be our first response to any crisis. There is no single way to breathe mindfully but one of the popular techniques goes like this: * Close your eyes and breathe normally. * Imagine that all of your anxiety, fear, and stress is a material that's floating in the air around you like a toxin.

* Now, imagining that cloud of anxiety in the air, start to breathe in (inhale).

* Like what a plant does with carbon dioxide, your body will metabolize the toxin and you will blow out pure, clean air (exhale).

* Repeat this process. You will eventually "clean up" all the anxiety in the area and you will open your eyes to a calmer, non-toxic environment.

2. Release the negative emotion/s. There are many ways to getting the emotional energy out.

* Engage in some physical activity, like going for a walk, or run. Engaging in some physical activity releases serotonin to help you calm down and feel better.

* Work on something with your hands, i.e. knitting/crocheting, journaling, doodling, playing with a fidget spinner, or slicing vegetables for your dinner. Working on something with your hands is an excellent distraction from your racing thoughts, and the repetitive, easy tasks help distract from your negative thought cycle.

* Engage in positive self-talk. Tell yourself that this is a temporary situation and everything will be okay. Avoid beating yourself. Do not let negative, fear-based voices get in the way of yourself with kindness.

3. Relax your body. When you are anxious, stressed, or angry, it can feel like every muscle in your body is tense.

* Do some simple muscle relaxation exercises. There are simple exercises and yoga stretches/poses to slow down your raging emotions.

* Play soothing music. Listening to music can have a very calming effect on your body and mind.

* Take a nice, warm bath. Research shows that taking warm bath releases prolactin in the bloodstream. Prolactin is that natural soothing body chemical that makes us feel calm, soothed, and serene. There are lots more. Find out what appeals to you. Do you have other recommended things to do for self-calming/self-soothing? Tell us in the comment box below.

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