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A well-fed baby is all that matters

Doctors recommend breast milk but, in reality, not all mothers are physically able to and choose baby formula instead to feed their babies. There are many factors that make it difficult for mothers, like Lika, to breastfeed. Lika came to Mother's Heart Organization late in her pregnancy. She was an orphan and was raised by her kind neighbors. She was from a rougher part of town and the family she lived with was very poor. From a young age, Lika didn't always have enough. Now I her early 20s, it was easy to see that she had been malnourished for most of her life. After only a couple of weeks after being referred to MHO, Lika gave birth a month prematurely. The baby was tiny and needed to put on weight right away. MHO staff assessed Lika's situation. She was malnourished and auite sick when she gave birth. All these has weakened her body and affected her ability to produce sufficient breast milk. We knew that she would immediately need nourishing and extra care to rebuild her nutrients supply and be able to breastfeed, and began helping her. First, by providing her food rich in nutrients and minerals and, second, coaching her on breastfeeding techniques. Despite Lika's efforts, she could not produce enough milk for her baby girl's needs. It was then we knew that the baby needed formula to supplement her feeding. Her malnutrition has affected her health adversely that remaining on baby formula was her best option.

Lika is not the only one who has struggles with breastfeeding. MHO helps mothers, like Lika, so they don't feel bad about their choice. What is important is she's making sure her baby is well-fed.

*** And, please, DON'T FORGET. GlobalGiving's Little by Little campaign is still ongoing. Any small donation you give us this week will be matched at 60%. To know more about MHO's program and how to support life-changing activities for more vulnerable women and their babies, click this link .

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