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Staff spotlight: Sreymach Kim

From time to time, we turn the spotlight to one of our dedicated staff. Here's another get to know you post about one of our dedicated staff.

Friends, say hello to Sreymach Kim. She is our Women’s Home Coordinator. You can find her managing the house and providing support to the women and babies staying there.

At the moment, there are six young mothers at the women's home. Sreymach helps them as they navigate their new role as mothers and offers a lending hand so these young mums have well-deserved naps after a difficult night. She coaches them about caring and feeding their babies, comforts them when they are feeling down and insecure. On top of these, she also makes sure that the house is clean and tidy.

Over the years, the Women's Home has seen many young women (teenagers) staying there, some have intellectual disabilities and mental health issues. They need a safe and nurturing place to stay and a mother-figure like Sreymach to look over things and help them be independent. On top of being a mother herself, Sreymach also has years of work experience in a similar capacity in other organisations before working with Mother's Heart. She ensures that the women's home is a safe haven for the women and their babies so that they can recover from their crisis and re-gain the confidence and strength needed for their stability and independence.

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