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Annual Review and Planning of Provincial Committee on Women and Children's Affairs in Battambang

Last Friday, the Provincial Advisory Committee on Women and Children's Affairs in Battambang Province held its annual review and planning activity.

Guests include Battambang Provincial Governor and his Deputy Governor, officials of the Provincial Department of Social Affairs, Provincial Department of Women's Affairs, the provincial and district women and children's committees, and the different commune committees for women and children all over the province.

Mother's Heart Program Office in #Battambang was one of the nine organizations invited to participate to discuss the progress made, identify issues encountered during the past year's implementation of women and children protection programs in the province. Our Senior Social Worker Hun Chanchariya represented Mother's Heart to the said event.

A total of 105 representatives from the different commune committees, local authorities, and nine partner-organizations, including Mother's Heart, Hagar International, Save the Children, Cambodia Children's Trust, CFI, Banteaysrei Organization, World Vision, and UNICEF were invited to this annual activity.

Participants showing the output of the discussions during the event.

Participants discussed and presented the issues and challenges they've encountered during their implementation of their respective project activities in Battambang province and presented a plan of action to the provincial committee on women and children affairs for the incoming new year.

Mother's Heart Senior Social Worker Hun Chanchariya together with our partners in the communities where we work.

Our Senior Social Worker Hun Chanchariya (second from right) with the (from left) Mr. Eng Chan Chum, Provincial Social Affairs Officer; Mrs. Kang Sopha, Commune Committee for Women and Children officer from Phnom Pruk District; and Mrs. Ros Chivi, Provincial Anti-Trafficking Police officer. They are among the local authorities Mother's Heart is working closely with in order to reach many women and children in the areas we work.


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