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Today, one of our social workers and our midwife in Battambang program office visited our beneficiaries in Phnom Pruk district. They were joined by our partners, the commune committee for women and children representative (CCWC) and the commune chief. The group distributed food items and hygienic supplies to our beneficiaries. They also checked on the mothers and their newborns, to see how they are doing and provide counselling on-site.

We bring food and other supplies to one of our beneficiaries as it was raining and travelling was quite a challenge.

Mother's Heart midwife teaching the young mothers about taking care of their children especially during the rainy season. Looking on (left) is a representative from the CCWC.

On top of monitoring the babies' weight, our midwife also talked to the new mothers about COVID-19, proper hygiene and sanitation especially that the rainy season is at its peak.

Thanks to all your support, especially the World Childhood foundation, we were able to keep mothers and their children safe, secure, and well-nourished.


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