Hope for the future

When Tivea first came to Mother’s Heart in June of this year, she was desperate to find a hope for the future.

She was single, pregnant, and alone without a stable income.

She shares her feelings, “What do I do with myself? I am sad because I have no solutions from my family or friends. I want to keep my baby, but I have no money.”

Tivea heard about Mother’s Heart from a friend in the community. “I was scared to call, but I wanted to keep my baby”. Tivea did contact Mother’s Heart, and immediately we were able to provide her crisis pregnancy counseling.

Tivea is now receiving access to free pre-natal care along with housing and food assistance from Mother’s Heart. We asked Tivea how she feels now. Smiling she says, “I have solutions now. The staff at Mother’s Heart is taking me to the medical clinic for my pregnancy and they are helping me to keep my baby. Everything is good now and I’m happy and feel good about everything!”

Tivea is also excited about her future. She has recently begun vocational training at a local business. She continues to share “I enjoy learning how to work at a beauty salon shop, and working at a place where there are a lot of girls. I feel relaxed now and have solutions for my future!”

Mother’s Heart provides the women in our program with access to free vocational training of their choice which long term will help them obtain higher paying jobs. MH has partnership agreements with vocational training centers and fair trade organizations throughout Phnom Penh which allows the women in our program with many choices such as sewing, hospitality, cooking, and micro-business. (For the purposes of client confidentiality, client names & facial photographs are not used)

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