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Mother's Heart Board of Directors Announce Restructuring for a Strong, Sustainable Future

The Board of Mother’s Heart Organization Cambodia would like to share the following announcement with our friends, donors, supporters and other stakeholders:

In the coming weeks, Mother’s Heart will be restructured to increase efficiency and ensure that costs are aligned with our funding reality. We will be getting back to basics for a strong, sustainable future. At the heart of our decision is the desire to continue serving our precious and vulnerable beneficiaries as we remain the only crisis pregnancy service in Cambodia. Our vision and mission remain the same. Our valued team members in Cambodia know about these changes and support the process.

What will this mean?

From April 2022, Mother’s Heart’s operation center will move from Phnom Penh (PP) to Battambang (BTB), where we’ve already had an excellent operational presence for a number of years. Our existing team in BTB will remain the same, as will our services to beneficiaries there.

Our current operation center in PP will reduce its function to become the base for a detached social work outreach and child care service team for areas outside the reach of the BTB team. We will continue to offer key essential services to all our beneficiaries and their children as they face crisis pregnancies, and for life beyond. Mother’s Heart will operate as one organization working in two locations, to improve operational and financial efficiency.

Why the Change?

Covid-19 has been cruel at many levels worldwide, and Mother’s Heart funding has suffered as a result of the many new demands and pressures placed on donor finances, as well as the restrictions preventing teams from visiting Cambodia to see the critical work we do. In addition, the NGO world is constantly evolving to embrace new strategies, as it should. The Board recognizes that we need to embrace these changes and plan for an efficient and sustainable future, with our clients at the heart of every decision we make.

Why Battambang?

Battambang is Cambodia’s second largest city and a hub for a growing number of NGOs. From a financial perspective, BTB is more cost effective than PP and there is more donor funding available for programs in the provinces. Mother’s Heart already has a strong team and an excellent and efficient operation model there, as well as strong partnerships with relevant Government departments and partner NGOs.

What will this mean for our beneficiaries?

Our beneficiaries remain at the heart of every decision we make now, and in the future. We will continue to provide key essential services to pregnant women and thei