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Not alone

Getting a mother to safely deliver her baby, helping her to stay off drugs or leave an abusive boyfriend, supporting a family to accept their pregnant child or foster her offspring, training these women in new employment skills, providing childcare while she does so…these are triumphs that cannot be done alone. What Mother’s Heart does, we do not do alone.

There is the courage of the women themselves of course, their families and communities. There are talented, persevering staff and partner NGOs. Always there is the Holy Spirit of God tugging us towards justice, hope and life. A contribution not so well known is that of the visiting teams, groups of people from around the world wishing to hear more about Mother’s Heart. They often bring gifts such as donations and baby clothes, but they bring a great deal more. Director, Katrina Gliddon says, “Their passion to see transformation in the lives of Cambodian women and their words of encouragement touch our hearts and humble us. We have a family of supporters around the globe”.

“Keep it up, you are all champions and I honour you all”, claims Venda. She found it particularly refreshing to see how Mother’s Heart works side by side with its partner NGOs to achieve a common goal and appreciates the value of holistic care. “We prayed with a young mum and afterwards she said to us with tears in her eyes, ‘I am not a Christian, but I can see God’s love through you and the way you are helping me.’ I was there and able to observe firsthand what you are all doing I can see that it’s working!”

Jonene noticed the lengths Mother’s Heart goes to help the expectant mothers. “The fact that they give continued support to the mother and baby until the child is 18 months old is amazing. This is an experience that I will hold forever.”

Contributing in a small way to creating a better life for the mothers and their babies has been rewarding for Christine. “Being able to raise funds, and visit Mothers Heart in Cambodia was one of the best experiences I have had.” A highlight for Christine was going to a province and observing how the kinship plan works. Grandmothers, aunts and extended family are part of the support plan for a mother unable to care for her baby. “I truly feel blessed that I was able to see exactly how Mothers Heart operates and to see where our fundraising efforts go. It has inspired me to do even more to help Katrina and her staff.”

Thanks to you dear visitors, the blessing is mutual.

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