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Growing together

Mother’s Heart has been operating for 6 years, soon to be 7.

We first started with a small group of dedicated people led by Katrina Gliddon, with the vision that no women should face a crisis pregnancy alone. Katrina, Nara and Somphors believed we could make Cambodia better by helping single women shunned from their community. They accompanied them on the way to motherhood, and showed them that despite adversity, they were in control of their lives.

The following years, our staff grew in numbers, and we are now 22 working full-time to improve the lives of single women. We are still the only crisis pregnancy center that councils women about their 3 choices: parenting, kinship care and termination (referal to Mary Stopes).

We provide Pregnancy Support to strengthen single pregnant women’s access to all the services relevant to become a parent, among which: medical care, family reconciliation, maternal education, day care, job placement.

Katrina Gliddon has had to go back to Australia with her family. She is still involved in Mother’s Heart as a board member and is fundraising as our Founder in Australia.

Mother’s Heart now has a Senior Management Team (SMT), composed of:

• Emily Scott, Country Director

• Nara Chear, Finance Manager

• Somphors Seong, Senior Social Worker

• Charlotte Buckley, Operations Manager

• Rebecca Tjoa, Communications and Fundraising Manager

This allows Mother’s Heart to have a collegial structure that is prone to open dialogue.

Together as a SMT, we are building a strong strategy for our future.

Each member of our staff follows the lead of our founder by being passionate about our vision and dedicated to our mission.

As a supporter of our cause, you must have been inspired by Katrina, her vision for Cambodian women and children and her strong leadership. We vow to remain true to her founding principles.

Our focus is on our service users, with a goal to reach maturity by servicing more women, supporting them with Honesty, Ethics, Authenticity, Respect and mutual Trust. This will remain the HEART of our mission for years to come, and we look forward to having your support in our endeavors.

Mother's Heart Senior Management Team

Emily Scott, Country Director

Nara Chear, Acco

unting Manager

Somphors Seong, Senior Social Worker

Charlotte Buckley, Operations Director

Rebecca Tjoa, Communications and Fundraising

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