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Christmas babies

You and I know how inconvenient the timing of labour can be. In the lead up to Christmas, MH had three very vulnerable women in labour.

I was torn between the festive activities that I value; parties, wrapping presents, making eatable treats for the family, and the intense needs of women in labour and preparation for the MH Christmas party for the clients. My ‘Christmassy’ activities were shoved aside. I could feel myself slipping from “joy to the world and peace on earth” to simply resentful.

Christmas is many things to many people. It is Good News, maybe a festive time with friends and family, but for Mary, a 14-year-old teenage girl who found herself with an unplanned pregnancy, it was surely also a scary time.

Being pregnant before marriage in many cultures brings stigma and judgement. As I ponder on the girl Mary, in labour on a day that changed the course of history, it is easy to think of the women and girls we serve at MH. It is a privilege to be part of their lives and to see their precious babies being born. I rediscovered Christmas in the mess of labour and birth and somehow thankful once again, I was ready to be a part of God giving Himself in love. Two of the babies were born on Christmas day.

By the way I did make the parties and festive activities, so I was doubly blessed this Christmas.

Two Board members speak of Christmas with the staff, mothers and babies of Mother’s Heart.

For God so loved the world that he GAVE......

Margaret Posnett

Sharing the Christmas celebration with the staff, clients and other board members of Mother’s Heart was a wonderful experience. It was a simple time, like spending time with family.

Philip Scott

One of the board members shared the story of Jesus’ coming, staff and clients told stories of Mothers Heart and motherhood. Mr Nara tied everything together by reiterating that we are family; together we’re here to help one another, for that that is what brothers and sisters do when they love one another.

It was a good Christmas experience where the core was love, listening to and respecting each other’s stories, giving presents to mothers and babies and of course eating together!!!

The babies were beautiful; handed around and admired by everyone and very much a reminder of our awesome God...He gives.

Christmas Eve at Mother’s Heart

Bob Toan, Chairperson of MH board

As a Board member we usually meet at 'meetings'. But here I was on Christmas Eve with 33 women cross-legged on the floor and 28 babies on their laps.

It was a real privilege to hear the women speak of their appreciation of what MH staff had done with and for them – especially a woman with a physical disability who spoke so clearly with enthusiasm and tears.

The Christmas story of Mary - the 'engaged' girl who became pregnant by the Holy Spirit, and her cousin Elizabeth, was just right for these women.

Katrina Gliddon, Country Director

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