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First Aid Training: Handling emergency situations in the workplace and beyond

The two-day course was attended by our staff from the social work, medical, and day care departments and covered basics such as choking, burns and shocks, wounds and bleeding, drowning, common allergies and illnesses, and CPR with focus on babies/children. Also emphasized during the training was the importance of the safety of the responder by assessing the scene first before doing anything else. The knowledge and skills were put to a practical test when the trainers, who are medical professionals from our partner organization Chab Dai Coalition, quizzed the staff on what to do by providing different scenarios and required each one to perform Heimlich maneuver for choking and CPR.

Mother’s Heart works with pregnant women and babies/children alike and it is important that our staff are capable of providing immediate aid when a child or a pregnant woman has suddenly taken ill or has been injured while waiting for medical help. Trainings such as first aid equip them with the knowledge and skills to handle emergencies in the work place and beyond.

Savy, one of our staff said, “I need to know how to help if someone has an accident. Now that I have some knowledge, I feel I can do that.”

Thank you to our friends at @chabdai. We are looking forward to the next level of first aid training in the coming months.

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