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Community engagement amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Each woman in our care receives regular visits from our social workers and midwives. In Battambang programme office, during those visits, our staff is accompanied by a member of the Commune Council for Women and Children, a staff from the provincial social affairs department, local authorities, or a partner organization to ensure that their voices are heard, their needs are met, and their doubts and anxieties are addressed. This kind of collaboration and engagement with community partners is important in providing (complementing) support and services and using our resources efficiently and effectively to ensure that the women and children are healthy, safe, protected and supported especially in this time of pandemic.

Mother's Heart staff and community partners in Battambang province keep in touch regularly with our beneficiaries to ensure they are supported and their doubts and anxieties addressed during this difficult time of pandemic.

Photo above shows our staff in Battambang in one of their recent house visits to provide counselling, distribute baby baskets to expectant mothers, as well as discussing other support and services needed by the women and their caretakers with our different partners in the community.

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We would also like to thank our recent donors to the ODW campaign. Your support is helping us get closer to our goal ❤️


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