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More than a good cup of coffee

Sustainability is one of the main goals at Mother’s Heart when it comes to helping the women in our program become financially independent in their communities. Most of the women at Mother’s Heart enter our program with little or no specialized skills that, along with being a single mother, create an enormous hardship financially.

Once the women enter our program, we provide them access to either job placement or vocational training of their choice such as cooking, hospitality training, and sewing from fair trade organizations throughout Phnom Penh. Before the training, the majority of the women only have the capacity to earn about $50-70 per month. After vocational training, their incomes increase substantially to $100-$130 per month.

Several months ago we had a creative and unusual request by one of the women in our program. Along with the help of her mother, she wanted to start her own micro enterprise business. Her idea was to sell coffee just outside a factory close to her home. We were impressed with her idea as well as her recognition to select a location that would provide her with the most customer traffic.

The staff at Mother’s Heart shared in her and her mother’s vision by purchasing a coffee cart as well as the start up supplies necessary to allow them to start their business. It has been both fun and exciting to partner with this family in raising their income level. Micro enterprise is widely recognized as a powerful tool to help the very poor but business-minded, throughout the world to rise above poverty. For as little as $200, we were able to make an incredible investment into the lives of this family!

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