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A mother's unfailing love

Jary is a mum in her mid-twenties. She came to us wearing her pyjamas. If you ever come to Cambodia, you will see these colourful pyjamas on many women. Some with Hello Kitty designs, others with hearts and shapes.

Hers were purple. We could see she just bought them, trying to make the best impression. She was smiling, but her eyes were scared and little wrinkles of fear were showing on her forehead. Jary has physical and mental disabilities. She puts on a brave smile, but when our social workers speak too fast, she sometimes looks lost and sad. Jary found herself all alone. She became pregnant with a man she thought loved her. He had told her that he would never leave her, that they would spend their lives together. She told us how she felt whole and content when with him. Everything seemed fine, despite her disabilities, she thought she had found her soulmate.

In Cambodia, there are no laws that provide women with alimony, and the justice system doesn't have the manpower to case every father that desert their families.

Jary is pregnant. Her heart is broken. When the father found out she was expecting, he left her. Not understanding how or why this man had left without a word, without a note, without even a goodbye... she resorted to crying. He left her with a child, but also a void inside. Her mother talked to the village chief, and they both came to us with the hope that we could provide support, comfort and non-judgement. Jary works in a factory and her boss is happy with her work, but because of her mental delays, she need help to oversee her finances and making plans. While she wants to keep and raise her child, she can't do it alone. Her family will help her and our team will support them to do this. We provided counselling, family mediation and love. Jary will continue to work and her mum will care for the child. We will provide food allowance, medical and financial aid. A few weeks ago, we found out that she was expecting a baby girl. The scans showed her fingers and we were able to see a smile on the little face. That smile suddenly was able to spread on Jary's lips. It was amazing to see her smile again. Jary will have communication with her daughter and be able to see how she grows and prospers. Her daughter will have a relationship with her and be able to be held in her mother's arms and feel her unfailing love.

The grandma will provide the child needs as Jary isn't able to do: what do it with sickness, create a living space with hygiene, plan for her to go to school, etc. We are proud to have made it possible for this family to stay together and prevent that little girl from growing up in an institution. We are proud to know that we can count on your encouragement and assistance to make this a reality.

We are proud to count you as a supporter, and we want you to know that your donation is making a difference. You are making a difference. We are doing it together. Thank you.

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