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Providing sustainable options

We are so excited this year to have the opening of our new childcare facility called “Little Lambs Daycare”.

Our new daycare provides sustainable childcare options for the women in our program.

We are also proud to have received official approval from Cambodia’s Ministry of Social Affairs, and are up and running in a beautiful facility.

Being a single mom in any country can be financially difficult. In Cambodia, it can be quite overwhelming. Because of the cost of daycare in Cambodia, most of the moms could spend between a third and one- half of their entire salaries to childcare expenses. As a result, the majority of them would be unable to earn enough to pay for housing and food for themselves and their baby.

Short-term, Little Lambs allows the women/girls in our program to place their infants at the daycare while they are receiving vocational training. Long-term, Little Lambs allows them to work and maintain their jobs. By providing them with sustainable childcare options, their self-esteem is strengthened because they are financially independent in the community.

" Directors Note" Mothers Heart has been blessed by amazing individuals and organizations who have given generously to support little lambs day care , who have also given their time, talents, gifts and experience to make the day care a reality for the women and their babies. We would like to acknowledge these people and give them the appreciation and praise they deserve. Mother's Heart recognizes that being in partnership with others and working together is a wonderful privilege. So thank you to all involved.

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