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Mother's Heart and the Theory of Change

A few weeks ago, Mother's Heart's staff in Phnom Penh gathered for an activity where we learned a new planning and evaluation tool called the Theory of Change that will help us define and refine our long-term strategic goals.

Mother's Heart's Workshop on Theory of Change

The Theory of Change (ToC) is a new concept for us at Mother's Heart. We are grateful to Mr. Tek Sophath, M and E Specialist, for facilitating the training/workshop, for introducing us to the concept of Theory of Change, touching on the difference between ToC and the logframe (which we are currently using), as well as guiding us step by step to create our own ToC that will serve as a framework for Mother's Heart's future strategic planning. The activity also allowed the staff to converse thoughtfully, articulate what we think and ultimately share the same understanding of our goals, outcomes, and interventions.

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