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Child marriage and its consequences

19% of girls in Cambodia are married before their 18th birthday, while 2% are married before their 15th birthday.

Parents in the province can earn as little as $130 for a family of 6. Worried about feeding everyone, they marry their daughters very young. The young woman is sent to her husband's home.

When Sreyneang* left her family to live with a young man she had never met, she was scared. She couldn't understand what she was meant to do.

Soon after, she was pregnant. She told her husband. He got very angry: "we barely have enough to eat as it is, this is your fault." That evening, she prepared the little rice they had for when he returned from work. He never did.

She went to her parents for help. "You have failed at your duty to be a good wife. We are full of shame. Do not come back" That night, she didn't sleep. She fell the weight of the world on her shoulders. She contemplated ending her life. The next day, she told one of her friend. They went to the village chief together. This village chief had already met with MHO's social workers before. He contacted us.

Sreyneang is now in our pregnancy support program. Although she is experiencing a sense of loss, and grief, she knows she is not alone. MHO provides a vital service to young women in Cambodia. Help us continue. Donate to our baby basket fundraiser. Provide essential goods, midwife visits, and parenting classes.

For Giving Tuesday on Nov 27, Global Giving has $150,000 of matching funds. Women and children in our program are counting on you. All donations will be available for GiftAid in the Uk, and tax deductibility in the US.

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